Develop and Manage

Creating Futures - Build Ecosystems

Historically, the lines between industries were fairly clear-cut. However, recently these industry lines have blurred considerably. The world has become fast and agile while building the value chain based ecosystems is a slow and steady process. We can’t simply seek to build a better mousetrap, we need to relentlessly connect and work hard to build the sustainable ecosystems. Today it's more a basic requirement of survival.


Swans are ready with tool and techniques

  • To evaluate the new business models that the companies would like to create through the environmental scanning and scenarios elaboration.

  • To contribute in defining the long term and short term strategies for the ecosystems

  • To prepare Business case as a first check

  • To provide confidence by scalable PoV (Proof of Values- Prototypes) 

  • To empower and enable the teams to create the new ecosystems