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With the ever-increasing integration of DERs (Distributed Energy Resources) into the mainstream power network, one of the challenges that the renewable energy sector facing is the use of unsecured protocols like HTTP or MODBUS to transmit data from DERs to the stakeholder's systems e.g. DER equipment vendors, demand forecast systems e.g. AEMO or local utility service providers (DNSPs).


To bring consistency across different jurisdictions and tech platforms, the market regulators across the globe have reached a consensus around the IEEE 2030.5-2018 as the de-facto standard that covers smart energy communication and security protocols.


In order to enhance DER cyber-security posture, we at Swan Foresight approach the following energy security standards.

  • Renewable Energy Security standards - considering IEC 61850, IEEE 1547 & IEEE2030.5

  • Regulatory and Compliance standards - AES-CSF, ACSC documentation. NIST Critical Infrastructure Standards.

  • Cryptographic Processor - Generating the hashing algorithms

  • Key Management Hardware Module

  • Software Inspection and checking Module

  • Brute force Attack Protection Module

  • Memory space for storage of keys

DER Security Module

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