Managing Cloud Spending - Often, developers or other IT workers spin up a cloud instance meant to be used for a short period of time and forget to turn it back off. And many organizations find themselves shocked by the cloud pricing schemes that offer multiple opportunities for discounts that organizations might not be utilizing. Swans can do the cost optimization, show the saving and also avoid the shocks.

Governance - Many organizations lack visibility into the "shadow IT" used by their employees, and governance becomes particularly challenging in hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments. Swans know the best practices and the ways of establishing and enforcing standards and policies.

Compliance - The law requires many organizations to appoint a data protection officer who oversees data privacy and security. Swans can help companies meet any legal or statutory obligations.

Managing Multi-Cloud Environments - Multi-cloud environments add to the complexity faced by the IT team. To overcome this challenge, Swans recommend the best practices like doing research, training employees, actively managing vendor relationships and re-thinking processes and tooling.

Migration - moving an existing application to a cloud computing environment is far more difficult when compared to launching a new application in the cloud. Swans have the step by step 'Know How' to do the cloud migration of the applications.

Vendor Lock-In - In this era of multi-cloud adoption trends, organizations increasingly need a simpler way to move workloads, applications and data across cloud providers. Swans can help and support you in locking down to a vendor depending on the business function that you want to use the cloud technology.

Immature Technology - The cutting edge technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented reality, virtual reality and advanced big data analytics are new. Swans to ensure these technologies are scaling up to enterprise expectations in terms of DevOps, performance, usability and reliability.

Integration - There are multiple challenges related to getting their public cloud and on-premise tools and applications to work together. Swans know the effective ways of addressing these challenges with the templates and tools.