Virtual Cyber Security Office

You know


  • Cyberattacks now cost companies $200,000 on average, putting many out of business.


  • The website and office security testing is $10,000 for an SME with ~20 employees. With the Post-COVID normalcy the small medium sector are finding hard to manage the businesses. 

Virtual CSO-Web.png
  • Help the leadership team take informed decisions  - a dashboard of all the security vulnerabilities and compliance

  • Check how safe your business and tools are against the latest ransomware and malware attacks


  • Understand the top security risks, business impacts and recommended mitigation actions - have some peace

  • Reduce the costs with the self-checking and compliance tools

  • Finds Vulnerabilities in all the end points - websites, email Addresses, servers even if they are in cloud.

  • Ensure data and code is securely developed and deployed

  • Self resilience check on systems for latest attacks