Smart and Safe Communities

Holistic Home Management

There are so many smart home equipment vendors, many ways of home automation and  majority of owners want to try their hands-on. However very less, really focus on privacy and security. i.e. their identity theft and camera videos and images (data) leakage. Design and implementation for privacy and information security is our primary focus.


Swans are ready to partner any kind of dwellings (new or existing) in the home management journey

  • Secured and safe Home automation Design and Installation - Selection of the vendors - smart switches, plugs and lights connecting to the hub of your choice of technology and installation for the .

  • Ad-hoc installation of smart devices at home -E.g. Converting normal switch to Smart Touch switch-connecting to Alexa, Google Home Assist and/or Smart Home Hub, Garage Door automation.

  • Advising, Design Options and Costing to suite the customers immediate needs of home management including solar PV installations/rebates.

  • Continuous support for scale-up, future needs and benefiting from the technical advancements.

Smart and Secure Communities

The concept of Smart workspace, building and/or city is not new. However there are so many factors involved in making a living space, community or a work space smart.


Swans can help build safe smart spaces by

  • Business Case Preparation and Value Proposition Definition

  • End to end Architecture and Design involving the sensors, IoT devices, Connectivity, Data processing, Applications, Integration, security, performance, alarm and monitoring and other operations aspects

  • Operations readiness Check, training and procedures set-up

  • Deployment Strategy and execution