About Us


Swans are committed to co-create sustainable and secured futures and eco-systems using the latest technologies ethically and safely.

Why Us


Creation of any ecosystem is a journey by itself. Approaching with holistic view (DevOps, Safety, Security and Ethics) while adopting the new technologies e.g. IoT, AI/ML and blockchain is the core of swan's foundation.


Adaptation of technology and creating the value chains across the domains because of the thorough understanding of the subject areas is our strength.


Swans take the responsibility of the your journey of Operations / Security planning, assessments and management through

  • Business case preparation and traceability

  • Design for security and privacy

  • Quickly identify the events with alarm and monitoring

  • Isolate and mitigate the impacts and efficient management. 

The Leadership Team

Raja Ravi 1- web.jpeg

Mr. Raja Ravi

Master of Strategic Foresight

Tanesh Gamot.jpg

Dr. Tanesh Gamot

Research Scientist at Monash University

The Engineering Team


Mr. Niroj Gurung


Mr. Deepak Tripathy


Ms. Nibruti Dash

Viduni Pathirana.jpg

Ms. Viduni Pathirana