Security -

IoT Devices and Cloud

Many organisations have focused on Security by design and defense in depth, while they are gearing up for threat modelling, vulnerability through penetration testing and DevSecOps. Meanwhile, millions of new cyber physical things, the data generated by these things, storage of this data in the cloud have raised several new kinds of security vulnerabilities, threats and there by adding complexity to the security management.


Swans can help the individuals and organisations through out the journey of security planning and execution

  • Authentication, Authorisation and cryptography for the IoT devices

  • Ensure the data integrity from the IoT devices to the cloud (in transit and storage).

  • DevSecOps through Software Composition Analysis, whitebox and blackbox testing

  • Identifying the new kinds of threats and thread modelling

  • Risk Assessment, Management and Mitigation actions

  • Planning to isolate the incident, assess and quickly act to reduce the impact