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Security Compliance - ISO 27001, ACSC Essential 8 Maturity Models - Implementation

Security Architecture, Consultancy and Design including
  • Asset Management - Create and manage the asset management with all the details

  • Network Security - Protects internal networks from intruders by securing infrastructure.

  • Application Security -

  • Data loss prevention and backup: Developing policies and processes for handling and preventing the loss of data, and developing recovery policies in the event of a cyber security breach.

  • Cloud

  • End-User Security - Building alerts for users to follow best practices and automation of regular practices.

  • Physical and Equipment Security implementation

Vulnerability Scan and Penetration Testing
  • Penetration Testing

  •  Attack simulation e.g. DDoS, Phishing, and Ransomware

Cyber Security Operations Centre - Team and platform set up
  • Centralized Event logging and management using Splunk - Implemented at Envision IT and also about to sign up OEM agreement with Splunk.

  • Security Incident Management platform set-up

  • Back-up and Disaster Recovery and

  • Encryption of data at rest and in transition

Security Training support and preparation

Cyber Security Services

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