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Renewable Energy Security Operations

The energy sector has attracted a lot of attention due to valid reasons. Different government departments and agencies like ARENA, AEMO, and the Department of Land, Water, and Planning are encouraging innovative solutions as this sector expanded from the traditional one-way model of generation, distribution, and consumption to multi-faceted and new business and market models.  The immediate futures demand innovative and secured IoT ecosystems to be introduced into the traditional SCADA-based networks and systems of the energy sector.

Microgrid and Virtual Power Plant Operations

In the last two years, a few multi-million Microgrid Initiatives were started. While many of the installations are successful, these micro grid project owners have recently started focusing on the operations aspects. Swans can partner with the micro grid owners to;

  • Design end to end system that involves DERs, connectivity, cloud-based grid monitoring system

  • Holistic security assessment, management, and processes establishment

  • Build new business and market models to better utilize the power generated

Smart Grids, DER - Security and Interoperability

Recently, there is a great amount of work done by CSIRO, NER and AEMO to set the Australia Energy Market and grid ready for the mass introduction of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) like roof-top solar PVs, batteries, and electric vehicles. The main functions for the safe and sustainable power futures with new business models include DER pushing the performance measures, ready to accept the queries and respond, Introduction of systems on the DNSP / Aggregator level to authenticate and authorise the communication from DER, Maintain Data integrity, scale-up to the data events, compute fast to send any updates to the DERs in case of disturbances.

Swans are eager to be part of the these new journeys by

  • Strategise the implementation of the DER security and interoperability requirements

  • Architect and design these new ecosystems

  • Influence the stakeholders (especially the equipment vendors) to meet the latest IEEE and AS standards

  • Integration of the DER into the multiple stakeholders' systems like distribution SCADA, AEMO Market trading systems and equipment vendors' systems.

Lets create secure and sustainable Renewable Energy Ecosystems

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