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Committed to co-creating secure and sustainable futures for the coming generations

Build Sustainable and Secured Ecosystems

There is an urge to move towards sustainable futures for the benefit of immediate generations. Many of us (individuals to the government agencies) are striving hard to achieve the results. The first step in this process is the foresight mindset and exploring the innovative and plausible scenarios. Once these scenarios are created they become the stories on how we care for future generations.

Let's co-create sustainable and secured futures for the coming generations.

Our Products and Services

Our Services

DER Security Module

​Are you confused with security standards that need to be implemented in the DERs (e.g. inverters or batteries) to ensure the safety of grids! Team Swans is developing DER Security Module to speed up the process and reduce operational costs.

Virtual CSO

Swans are supporting Small Medium Businesses with the cost effective Virtual Cyber Security Office in this post-pandemic normalcy  of increased online business and working from home.

Energy Solutions

Swans are equipped to  secure the new and renewable energy ecosystems (Microgrids and Virtual Power Plant) design, set up and operations.

Cyber Security Solutions

Everyone (individuals to big companies) in this decade needs to be focused on cyber security. Let us guide you planning and implementing this complex process in a simple way along with your ICT team.

Case Studies

Implementation of ISO 27001 @ EnvisionIT
which include
DevSecOps implementation
Asset management
Network segregation and security
Centralised Logs and Event Management with Splunk
Penetration Testing

Trusted by research collaborators Australia-wide




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