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Safer and Intelligent


Transportation Ecosystems

Safe and Empathetic Transportation Asset Management Solutions

Transport asset management includes trains, trams and buses as well as stops, stations, bicycle lanes and walkways. Using the latest technologies to deliver enhanced user safety, mobility and satisfaction with the transport network has become the primary focus.


Swans are looking forward to supporting the transportation network owners to plan and execute intelligent asset management systems that 

  • can adapt different forms of transportation that emit less carbon and pollution. e.g. bikes, walking

  • are efficient and reliable public transport for everyday life

  • are part of integrated transport planning and execution

Innovative IoT solutions for the Transport and
Logistics industry

IoT data can be used to improve the operational and field-staff experience and Customer freight tracking.


Swans can create the IoT ecosystems that can

  • Help reduce the complexity associated with human interaction when seeking information from field staff, giving the ability to quickly plan for customer orders.

  • Bring demand to supply more efficiently. 

  • Improve the visibility of tracking customer freight through-out the transportation network.

  • Give the customer a single data source from pickup to delivery.

  • Reduce under utilized capacity, Improving fuel efficiency,
  • Collaborating with the government authorities to improve road safety and quality
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